Media Coverage: Ed Einowski on Hurricane Harvey’s Impacts on Wind Power in Texas

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Attorney Ed Einowski was quoted in north american Windpower in an article titled “Checking In: Texas Wind Farms In The Path Of Harvey” and in an article in Windpower Engineering & Development titled “Will Harvey impact Texas wind generation?” The articles discuss Hurricane Harvey’s possible impact on wind generation in Texas, home to many wind farms and leader in the U.S. in installed wind capacity, with over 21,000 MW.

Firms that operate wind turbines on or near the Gulf Coast reported being able to continue to operate through the storm, or they evacuated personnel and operated remotely or shut down operations until their personnel could return. Overall, Einowski doesn’t believe Harvey will have a large impact on Texas wind generation, as the majority of the wind farms are away from the coast in the state’s central area near the panhandle.

“The intermittency of wind may provide some challenges in restoring service to those areas that got knocked out by Harvey,” he said. “But other than the scale of the outages (which may end up being quite large), I am not sure there is much unusual in that regard.”

Read “Will Harvey impact Texas wind generation,” published August 28, 2017, and “Checking In: Texas Wind Farms In The Path Of Harvey,” published August 29, 2017.

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